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Let yourself be inspired by Kristine and Seb as they help you transform into the person you want to be. They will take you on a journey to rediscover who you really are and let you open yourself to the immense potential that has been laying dormant inside you.

In their courses and lectures, Kristine and Seb share first-hand experiences from their personal lives, the latest in scientific studies and findings on how we function inside our reality matrix and how we connect with others on many levels. Combined with fun exercises and real-life demonstrations you will be taken behind the veil that has been so limiting for you.

You’ll learn ways of interacting with others, that will not only benefit you but also those around you. If you are a business owner, a CEO or a manager and want to raise the level your colleagues and employees are working on, and if you want to raise the vibration of your whole company, resulting in increase in quality, happiness, and increase in customer satisfaction and sales, then these courses are of great help.

The courses will empower you to make the changes needed in your life to experience the reality you want to live in. To live more in harmony and to attract positive changes into your life.