Who is Master Odan?

Master Odan Waves
Master Odan
Master Odan is a fictional character created by Seb with the help of the Nintendo Miitomo app. Master Odan shares inspirational quotes and words of wisdom as well as his own words of wisdom with you. 

We hope you’ll enjoy what Master Odan has to share with you.

The Story of Master Odan

Master Odan was found meditating, 36 years ago in one of the pagodas of Nyaung Ohak in Burma, by locals from the Indein village. A small village West of Inle Lake. How Odan arrived there is unknown, he just was there all of a sudden. Odan himself doesn’t seem to be disturbed by this event. He only knows that he started meditating and when he was woken up from meditation, he found himself in one of the Nyaung Ohak pagodas. 

Nyaung Ohak Stupas
Nyaung Ohak Stupas by Mark Fischer

The locals took Odan to the village. They quickly found out that Odan had great knowledge and insights. Almost unearthly. He quickly became the man to go to for help and advice, and it didn’t take long before they started to call him Master Odan.

Master Odan teaches a form of meditation that he calls for Transformational Meditation, a meditation form that literally changes our reality. It is now believed that Master Odan used this reality-altering technique to take himself to Nyaung Ohak. 

Transformational Meditation in the west

One day two travellers passed by the village and were told the story of Master Odan. Intrigued by the story they wanted to meet him. The villagers refused because Master Odan usually wasn’t interested in talking to foreign travellers. Disappointed the travellers went on their way, only to be stopped a few minutes later by a young boy that ran after them. 

“Stop! Stop!”, the boy shouted. “Master Odan wants to see you. He woke up out of meditation shouting to me. He had a vision that two travellers would be visiting the village today and that he should talk with you two.”

The boy took the travellers back to Master Odan. The travellers stayed with Master Odan for 3 months and were instructed in the secrets behind Transformational Meditation. Their mission? To take Transformational Meditation with them across the globe to raise humanities vibrational state to new heights and to teach people how they can change their reality for their own good and that of humanity. 

Here on our site, you can follow along with Master Odan as he shares his knowledge with us by clicking on the link below. 

Master Odan’s words of wisdom