Greetings to everyone joining me here!

Let me first explain a little about myself. I’m75 years young, always in ‘recovery’ from life’s misperceptions. Ten years ago I was a tired old woman. Sometimes we need to get tired of being tired to take the road to recovery more seriously. Now, I am joyously serious about sharing what I learn with others.

I’ve had many years of study of religion, spirituality, new thought, psychology and all that stuff. I was looking for the answer to ‘what was wrong with me’. Sound familiar?

When I felt old I was tested for everything I could think of: alzheimers, dementia, ADD, ADHD etc. None fit. After many years of talking with psychologists I finally realized and accepted, that the only thing wrong with me was my opinion of myself. WOW! What a realization! My determination to take responsibility for every aspect of myself increased 100%. First is being responsible for all of my thoughts. Actually, that is the biggest job any of us have. How to do that may vary. It is always a personal choice.

Is it me or is it God? Are the planets in my chart in the right place? What are my biorhythms doing right now? How much of what is wrong with me is my parents fault? Who can I blame in order to get myself “off the hook”? Can I get myself off the hook? The answer to the last question is yes and no.

Let’s start with the broadest view and work our way back to self.

Our entire planet, including all life upon Her, are within a period of great change. In Dec. 2012 there was uncertainty about if Earth would be around much longer. Remember that? Let me explain the reason.

The ancient of ancients as well as modern day scientists knew the path of the stars and planets and their relationship to each other. Physicists are aware of the density and speed of how everything in the universe interacts. They all became aware of the fact that the Earth had become very dense and heavy. This caused concern over whether or not She was going to be able to keep up with Her sister planets rotation. The planets are always in motion and over years of time move in and out of the influence of various constellations. During the past 2000+ years our planet was under the influence of Pisces. In Dec. 2012 She was due to move into the constellation of Aquarius. This required all of the planets in our solar system to rise up into a faster moving energy field. It was realized that Earth was so dense and heavy with negative energy that She might not make the shift. If She did not, She may veer off into outer space.

Because the ancients and scientists and visionaries saw a serious problem looming, they sent out prayers to God for help. God will not intervene without an invitation. Because of the prayers from humanity God sent out a call to anyone in the Cosmos who would volunteer to help. Many came to help clean up the dense negative energy on Earth. Fortunately, in Dec. 2012, Earth was able to rise up the spiral of planetary evolution with Her sister planets, into the constellation of Aquarius.

This monumental task put Earth and all life upon Her into a whole new ballgame. Let me explain what the game plan is. All life in and on Earth is within a higher frequency of energy. I guess one way to explain frequency as speed is this: Say you are in a boat gently going down stream and you came upon some rapids. Your emotions and mental state changed drastically as you entered the rapids. Now, all life and Earth are constantly in the rapids. Feel it? Sometimes your mind can’t keep up with your thoughts and your emotions are in a whirl? The only way to ‘calm the waters’ is to understand what is happening and go with the flow. Let go and let God.

There are several major things that are happening to everyone, whether they are aware or not. First, of all the sign of Aquarius is all about love. Love on a moral level of kindness for all life. Secondly, we now have full support to return to a more youthful physical form by renewing our thinking. Thirdly, by renewing out thinking we can return Earth to Her pristine beauty.

Everything is made of space with tiny particles and all of it is the conscious, intelligent, interactive substance that is God. Everyone has access to the consciousness of God—-ACCORDING TO THEIR BELIEF! That’s the key.

Humanity and Earth have been under the influence of very negative intelligences for many thousands of years. The dark ages. Because of our prayers to God to help us create a more positive life, we have more help than ever before in the herstory of Earth to do good for all life. Because of the predicament Earth was in before 2012, there are intelligent forces, even from other galaxies, focused on helping Earth. If all of the help turned solid, as we think our bodies are solid, they would block out the sun. Yes, that is a metaphor but I’m sure it helps you get the picture.

We Earthlings are in the process of cleaning up the negativity of our precious planet. First, this means our thinking, second, how we interact with each other and third, how we care for our environment. This all goes back to my first paragraph bout being in recovery from life’s misperceptions. Regardless of how old you are you’ve been influenced by the negative entities who took over our planet many thousands of years ago. We are in a New Age. At the beginning of every 1000 years is a new age. That period of time indicates a change in the energy that is governed by the planets, that determines how we will be influenced for the next period of time.

You see, New Age has nothing to do with religion or spirituality. It is a physical fact of astronomy. For me, accepting this fact , lifted a huge burden of blame and guilt. My ancestors were under the same influence as my parents, who taught me and I in turn passed on a multitude of misperceptions………..We don’t have to do that anymore.

One thing the higher frequency energy does is spin off all that is not vibrating at the higher speed. The sign of Aquarius is a high frequency energy. It’s primary focus is divine love. So, everything that does not harmonize with divine love is coming to the surface of our awareness so we can see, 1. Where we’ve been, 2. What we need to change, 3. And how to change it. We can let go and let God and we will be guided to the best loving solution to any problem.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, God needs a body, right? In order to change the bad habits that keep repeating in a negative world God needs people to take action. Many humans have become complacent. Having all the negativity ‘in our face’ is causing people to wake up, make a conscious choice about what they believe and take action to ensure a positive outcome. The good news is: remember all those invisible entities I said were here to help? They are our Angels, Cosmic Helpers and Guardians who will follow the direction of positive thought and help open the way for the good of all life to become a reality.

Having faith in things unseen is a reality that we can all count on.

Believe it….receive it!

Blessings, Carolyn