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Our current main course:

“More than a human being”

Course: More than a human being

This is the English version of the Norwegian course “Du er mer enn et menneske”.

In this course the definition of a human being is being taken a closer look at, using the latest scientific findings, theories and practices. Through examples and practical exercises you will get to know yourself in a totally new way.

You will get to know more about…

  • you being more than a biological machine.
  • how we experience and create our reality.
  • what role quantum physics and the latest science has on our understanding of reality.
  • getting to know your energy- and emotional body.
  • what consciousness is.
  • how to achieve desired change in our lives.
  • what role our heart and brain play in our lives.
  • strengthening the contact between you and your higher self.
  • the principles behind healing.
  • how beliefs influence our world.
  • how society, religion and politics affect our world and us as human beings.

The course consists of presentations, exercises, live demonstrations and a little homework assignment. There is a follow-up either during the second session or through a webinar after the course. Participants will receive a certificate and a souvenir after completion.

This whole course will be given in two 3-4 hour sessions but it is also possible to ask for a more condensed course taking only a couple of hours, depending on which subject you would like to focus on.

Who can participate

The course is suitable for everybody that wants to know more about themselves as a human being, for those that like to have more tools to be able to stand more sturdy in life, to get confident in themselves, to start making desired changes and for those that want to get to know their full potential. The course is also suitable for those who would like to know more about healing or maybe already use some of their healing abilities, but want to dive deeper into the matter and gain more self-confidence using healing.

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Course presenters: Kristine & Seb

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