Course in Transformational Meditation – Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City

The upgraded course in Transformational Meditation is landing in Beautiful Salt Lake City first half of 2019. 

The course will consist of a two-day workshop with a one year follow up. For those that live outside of Salt Lake City the follow up can be done online. 

Price for just the workshop (Saturday & Sunday): USD 100,-
– Early Bird: USD 85,-

Price for the course (workshop + follow up): USD 250,-
– Early Bird: USD 200,-

It is now possible to pre-register for the course. Pre-registration closes January 25th 2019. During the pre-registration period, the exact date an location for the course will be announced, as well as more information on travel and accommodation. 

When you pre-register you will receive an invoice at the end of the pre-registration period. Paying the invoice will register you for the course. 

For more information on the contents of a course in Transformational Meditation: About the Course 

Fill out the form below to pre-register for the course. 

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