Course in Transformational Meditation – Salt Lake City

The workshop and course in Transformational Meditation is landing in Beautiful Salt Lake City April 2019. 

The course will consist of a two-day workshop with a one year follow up. You can also register for the workshop alone which will give you the tools you need to start with transformational meditation. 

Are you only able to attend one of the two days then this is possible as well, but please be mindful that these days build on each other. We discuss mainly theory on the first day and the second day is more practical applications and actual meditation practice.

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Crone’s Hollow 

Price for the workshop (Saturday April 2o & Sunday April 21):
USD 100,- 
(One-day registration possible for USD 50.-)

Price for the course (workshop + follow up):
USD 250,-

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When you register you will receive a PayPal invoice in your email. Paying the invoice will finalise your registration. You can pay the invoice with your bank- or credit card. 

In the below video, meditation teacher Seb explains what Transformational Meditation is all about and what you are going to learn during the workshop. 

Listen to a sample from the workshop Read the testimonials

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