A guided meditation for opening your Heart & Mind

As we grow up, society conditions us to experience the world through the lenses of a belief system that is economically most beneficial. A downside of this is that we close our hearts and minds to possibilities that most certainly can become reality, but are stopped because it doesn’t fit in the current system of belief. 
Those that have added the most value to society, however, are those people that kept their heart and mind wide open. Having an open heart and mind doesn’t only benefit others. In the end, it benefits yourself first and foremost.

In this guided meditation you get the chance to do a technique for opening your awareness more to possibilities that you might not have noticed in your life before. This way you create more ways to enhance your life.

Narrator: Seb
Author: Seb (Sebastiaan van der Velden)

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Gratitude – The Universal Key to Manifestation

Our society has not been taught to express gratitude for all the wonderful gifts we have. In many ways we have really been taught to focus on the shortcomings we have or what we do not have. It is the attention of the lack that actually creates lack, not the other way around.

The recent global changes we have witnessed are proof that we need to be grateful for everything we have. Who are we, living in one of the richest countries in the world, believing that we do not have enough?

Gratitude is the universal key to being able to manifest a whole new life. When you feel gratitude, you simply cannot feel unhappy, envious, greedy or afraid. Gratefulness underlies all positive creative feelings, and also love. You can not feel love for anyone without being grateful that this person is in your life. When you feel gratitude, you send out a very clear signal through your electromagnetic field and out to the universe.

I would like to recommend that you write down by hand what you want to manifest in your life before starting the meditation.

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Manifestation with the help of the Quantum Field

Use meditation to transform your life. This open focus meditation technique lets you connect to the Quantum Field. The field of endless possibilities. Once connected you are able to manifest the life you always have dreamed of.

This mediation is one of the meditations we do at our course “You are more  than a human being”

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