You are not body only…

If you think you are a body only, you are ruled by its demands and restrictions, and your life is reduced to a daily struggle to get enough. - Alan Cohen
If you think you are a body only, you are ruled by its demands and restrictions, and your life is reduced to a daily struggle to get enough. – Alan Cohen

There have been a number of well-known scientists over the years who have concluded that everything is energy. This also applies to our body. Actually, the physical part of our body is the result of an expression of energy. We can change our body by changing our energy. But how do you change your energy? By changing your feelings and emotions and by being aware of which feelings you want to hold on to. One method to accomplish this is Transformative Meditation. A meditation form that focuses on change on different levels through meditation techniques.

Love & light – Seb

Acupuncture and pseudoscience

The recent months I’ve been witnessing an increase in the amount of heated discussions between the acupuncture society and people claiming to follow mainstream science. The reason I think it has come to this point is that more and more so-called mainstream science is proving again and again that acupuncture should be considered a valuable and working method usable in general healthcare. At the same time, those that have been conditioned by mainstream science have a hard time grasping the new science that is being published regarding acupuncture. These new publications are rocking with the existing belief systems within mainstream science and therefore hard to accept for a majority of scientists, doctors, biologists, physicists and what more. These people then often use the term pseudoscience, when publications pop up that rock their belief system.

Acupuncture is one of many so-called alternative health modalities that are slowly becoming more accepted into the mainstream science. This is because more and more scientists are starting to look at biological energetics instead of biological mechanics. From what I’ve experienced myself there seem to be two camps. One is the well-established group of scientist that see the whole natural biology as something mechanic. They do accept biology having an energy, but they don’t believe there is a connection between a biological energetic system and the mechanic system. This is also the group linking modalities like acupuncture, to pseudoscience. The second group is the new and emerging group of scientists that have done ground-breaking discoveries, showing that there is a strong link between an energy system and the biological mechanical system. The most recent discoveries seem to show that everything on the biological mechanical system can be worked on through the energy system and to an extend the other way around as well. This is also the science I myself present and base my courses on. And the science I know works for many people over the last 4 years I’ve been helping people in this field.

But there is a huge caveat when it comes to health modalities that work on the energetic system. They both work and don’t work depending on the person receiving the treatment and to a lesser extent the person giving the treatment. There are lots of people where acupuncture and other energy-based health modalities don’t work. Why? Because they don’t allow it to work. These are often people well over 35 years old, that have been conditioned so thoroughly by western society, that everything that is new, not thoroughly tested, or is not a chemical medicine, simply is being blocked by their own energetic system. Yes, unfortunately, we humans work in a way that we can get the help we don’t believe in or are skeptical towards, and our situation doesn’t improve or even gets worse. This has everything to do with the placebo/nocebo effect. An effect that is present always and forever when we study us as human beings. Quite frankly our thoughts and state of being, determine our energetic field and there is nothing we can do to stop this. Except to stop thinking and to stop being in a state of being. Which means for most people death.

You can give a sceptical person acupuncture and in the same room a person who believes in the workings of acupuncture. Give them the same treatment and you will find out that the acupuncture works 10 times if not more, better on the person that believes in acupuncture. The skeptical person has maybe some slight benefit, but most likely doesn’t even want to acknowledge it. There are people who still think the world is flat, even when you would take them out to space and let them look down at the earth. You don’t change a person’s belief system that easy.

We find more fine examples amongst people that are sensitive to noisy electromagnetic fields. This is a group of people that in most countries aren’t taken seriously. Why? Because scientists examining the damage done to the human body by electromagnetic fields only look at cell biology and the temperature generated inside tissue by these electromagnetic fields. The funny thing is that most of these scientists actually acknowledge that the human body has an electromagnetic field of its own. But they are reluctant to test the effect of electromagnetic fields generated by electrical equipment on our own biological electromagnetic field. They are reluctant because most of their colleagues still see science done on the biological electromagnetic field as pseudoscience, and they don’t want to loose their credibility.
I often help people that say they are sensitive to electromagnetic fields. They can change their state of being in order to cope with these fields with simple exercises and if they believe in a more direct approach they often use my orgonite as an extra help. All this works on 70% of the people I come across. But officially what I do is off course bullshit. I’m actually by (Norwegian) law not allowed to tell or claim that the methods I use to help people, work. That they do work again and again is another story. But officially I am ripping people off every single day with stuff that by law isn’t allowed to work. Talking about protecting a certain belief system.!!! There is a very worrying story behind why it has become like this, which has everything to do with a certain family and the creation of ‘modern’ western medicine and education system.

A worrying thing that plagues science, in general, is that for every publication, you can find another publication that proves the complete opposite. There is a long list of reasons why this happens, but it boils down to mainly, economical reasons and the generally accepted belief systems amongst scientists and those they work for. In addition, not long ago, an editor of a renowned medical publication went out and acknowledged that nowadays studies are of such bad quality that they hardly can be taken serious anymore. Which also explains that one can find so many contradicting studies in the first place.

Therefore I have a message to those arguing about energy healing modalities working or not working or those that argue and throw studies at each-other. You are not doing anybody a favor. You are just comparing your belief systems. As I show in my courses and lectures, we are severely handicapped when experiencing reality through our human bodies. In fact, everything we take in with our five senses is so far from reality as it possibly can get. The only reality we perceive is a made up reality constructed by our brain which is presented to our mind. Around this, we form a belief system that we follow when judging what is right or wrong. Often this is a belief system that makes our world even more limited than it already is. So in short, just cut the crap and choose the healing modality you feel comfortable with. Want to stay stuck in ‘modern’ western medicine? Do it. Want to learn more and discover more on a more energetic level? Then try the ‘alternative’ modalities. Both work just as well, but it is your own attitude towards it that determines the outcome.

For the acupuncturists that read this. Don’t push the general belief system too much. It isn’t worth it. Just keep on doing the good work that you do and if you are allowed to in your country, publish the results of your work. I actually benefit more from keeping my work out of the spotlights. Mouth to mouth advertising is still the best advertising one can get. At the same time, you will create a customer base with people that have the most benefit from your work, because they have an open belief system. You can safely joke with the current state of society and tell that what you do officially doesn’t work, but unofficially can benefit thousands of people if they want to.

Love & Light,