Sample meditation from a Course in Transformational Meditation

This is a sample from a live recording from a guided meditation in Second Life. The meditation is one of the meditations that we’ll do at the end of the workshop in Transformational Meditation.

Meditation and Magic

‘Abracadabra’ can be linked to the Aramaic phrase ‘Avra Kehdabra’ which means:
I will create what I speak.

We couldn’t have found a more magical and interesting venue for the upcoming course in Transformational Meditation in Salt Lake City. Oh yes! The wonderful people from Crone’s Hollow are opening the doors for us to make this two-day workshop an absolute blast! Many link meditation to Asian traditions, but did you know that many in the pagan community, that Crone’s Hollow serves, use meditation as well? And that elements from transformational meditation, like visualization and setting and holding an intention are common in Witchcraft, Paganism and Magic?

Those that know me well, know I bridge the latest in modern science with ancient spiritual practices to give you a broader understanding of and use for meditation as a tool for personal transformation and manifestation. The 20th and 21st of April you can experience first hand what it is like to be in full control over yourself and your life, how you can heal yourself, manifest your dreams, grow your intuition and use intention to help yourself and others. Transformational Meditation is backed by science and many techniques we teach are used every day at schools, hospitals, prisons, police forces, by firefighters and more. They are also used by athletes, performers and many others that have to perform at their best under stressful situations.

So if you practice Paganism, Witchcraft and Magic and want to explain your practice to your friends and family who do not fully understand you yet, this workshop is something for you. And for those that are keen on learning a modern form of meditation that goes further than relaxation alone, this workshop and course are perfect for you and you might even leave the workshop with some of the products above in the picture that you can surely find at Crone’s Hollow and make your own private meditation space at home.

Much Love & Light – Kristine & Seb

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Don’t force yourself to change in order for people to like you.

Don't force yourself to change in order for people to like you.
Don’t force yourself to change in order for people to like you.

A frequently asked question on my workshops; “Why should I change?” My answer is always that I recommend never changing yourself to please others and only change yourself when things stand in the way of achieving your goals.

When social media made its introduction, we have started to look more and more at each other and we sometimes try to change ourselves to become a person we are not because we think we will be noticed more by others. Ending up in such a situation just creates stress for us and is not beneficial.

I use only a few social media and are most active on Instagram following a recommendation by one of the regular participants in my meditation classes. I would get my meditation classes in Norway full with an Instagram account he said. As a result, it has not attracted more people to the meditation classes and courses in Norway. But more and more attention from outside Norway.

Should I change my Norwegian workshops to attract more Norwegian participants? The answer is no. Because I still feel flow in my life in regards to the international courses and classes. I know that transformational meditation goes too deep for many Norwegians who are more concerned with relaxing than to gain freedom and control over their lives. I, therefore, attract only those I call for the toughest boys and girls in the country. Those who aim to achieve total control over and freedom in their lives.

These people inspire me and my goal is to help them as good as I can with my knowledge and experience of meditation techniques that have turned my world upside down in a fantastic way. 

Love & Light – Seb

Experience versus a weekend course

Sometimes people who come to my meditation gatherings wonder if I have taken courses as a yoga or mindfulness instructor. Then I always answer that I’ve done yoga, mindfulness, transcendental meditation, guided meditation, courses in energy movement, clinical hypnosis and some courses that most people in Norway have never heard about, like Morphogenesis and Heart Math Facilitator. The last one is the only course that resembles an instructor course. These are courses I’ve done over the last 20 years and I think this is a background that qualifies better to teach meditation than a week- or weekend course to become a mindfulness or yoga instructor. Not that I am not fond of mindfulness and yoga instructors. I see them as colleagues and they have a very important job as an instructor. I am very grateful that these fine people are spreading joy and dedication in Norway so people can embrace meditation as a health-promoting activity in everyday life.

I believe that being self-taught based on years of personal experience with different meditation, energy and well-being techniques is just as good if not better than a short education to become yoga or mindfulness instructor without having much of a background up front. In order to be a good instructor, you should, in my opinion, be able to understand everything that happens during meditation. And this goes further than telling that meditation is good for your mental and physical health. Please tell about the processes that take place in the body. Tell about telomeres and epigenetics. Tell about our heart and our brain and how they communicate and tell about the body’s electromagnetic field.

What’s even more important to learn before one starts at all with meditation and something that is often forgotten and perhaps is the cause that people stop practicing, is how we humans work on a cognitive level. How do people experience reality, how is this reality created and how do we process this reality? It is important that we understand our experience of meditation. I see too many people who give up because they do not know how to interpret their experiences with meditation so that they can stay motivated. I know this all too well from my own experience with meditation. It was not until I came into contact with a spiritual facilitator with years of experience in mediation that meditation became an important part of my life and a practice that has turned my life upside down in a positive way and saved me from unneeded suffering.

Love & Light – Seb