Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation July 15 2019

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Mass meditation for the Utah Inland Port

An inland port development in Utah has been the subject of multiple studies and countless discussions in and around the Salt Lake City area for more than 40 years. In 2018 the Utah State Legislature considered the establishment of an inland port authority for the first time since the 1990s.  During the 2018 legislative session, a bill was passed that established an inland port authority and designated the area in which such an authority would have jurisdiction.  After some amendments in a 2018 interim session, the Utah Inland Port Authority and its jurisdictional land boundary was established on 16,147 acres of land in Salt Lake County’s Northwest Quadrant.

The issue

The area chosen contains some of the only undeveloped land left in the county. Development here will do harm to air, water, land people and also millions of birds. 

Recently, in the 2019 legislative session, the powers of the Utah Inland Port Authority were expanded in a newly troubling way. Now the Port Authority can create project areas and distribution hubs throughout the state, collecting future tax revenue to hand out to developers and others to support development in rural locations. Fossil Fuel exports were specifically mentioned by the sponsor of the legislation, Rep. Frances Gibson, who is also a Port Authority Board member.

The Port Authority Board meets once a month and allows for general public comment, as well as comment on action items. By testifying before the Port Board, community members are creating a public record of concern. You can also register your concerns through written comments. However many people feel their input is ignored as the Authority Board seems to focus more on short term economic growth than a sustainable long term economic growth.

For more details on the issues, please read: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/b237b1_692ad397dcf14df1bdc02778bd144b0e.pdf

Spiritual Activism through mass meditation

Spiritual Activism uses the power of intention in order to influence a current event on an energetic level. 

When championing a Cause, the mindset must be altruistic, and the motivating emotion must be positive. Spiritual Activism is an action for the benefit of something, not against something. We hold the intention for a better more conscious and sustainable outcome that favors most and if possible all parties involved. “The ends justify the means” has no place in Spiritual Activism. If our methods are not noble, our results will not be either.

CosmicNation would like to invite you to join a mass meditation for the Utah Inland Port June 15 at 9pm 

During the session, you’ll be guided into meditation and we collectively hold the intention for everyone involved in the Utah Inland Port project

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Does spiritual activism through group meditation work? In 1993 a successful experiment was performed in Washington DC in America to demonstrate the effect of a large group of transcendental meditators on crime levels. Researchers predicted in advance that the calming influence of group meditation practice could reduce violent crime by over 20 percent in Washington, D.C., during an 8-week period in the summer of 1993.

In fact, the findings later showed that the rate of violent crime decreased by 23 percent during the June 7 to July 30 experimental period. 

Watch the very inspiring video below from Quantum Physicist John Hagelin:

Meditasjon for å åpne hjerte og sinn

Når vi vokser opp, kondisjonerer samfunnet oss til å oppleve verden gjennom linsene til et trossystem som er økonomisk mest fordelaktige. En ulempe er at vi lukker vårt hjerte og sinn til muligheter som helt sikkert kan bli virkelighet men stoppes fordi det ikke passer i nåværende trosystemet.

De som har skapt størst verdi for samfunnet, er imidlertid de menneskene som holdt sitt hjerte og sinn vidt åpne. Å ha et åpent hjerte og sinn hjelper ikke bare andre. Til syvende og sist er det du som vill hente mest ut av det.

I denne meditasjonen vil du få mulighet å la deg veilede gjennom en teknikk for å åpne mer opp for det som du fra før ikke la merke till. Og dermed vil du også åpne opp for å se nye muligheter i livet ditt.

Narrator: Seb (cosmicnation.co/tmg)
Author: Seb (Sebastiaan van der Velden)

Image by Ximonic (Simo Räsänen) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

Music: Sleep Easy Relax – Peaceful Music [CC BY-SA 3.0 (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

A guided meditation for opening your Heart & Mind

As we grow up, society conditions us to experience the world through the lenses of a belief system that is economically most beneficial. A downside of this is that we close our hearts and minds to possibilities that most certainly can become reality, but are stopped because it doesn’t fit in the current system of belief. 
Those that have added the most value to society, however, are those people that kept their heart and mind wide open. Having an open heart and mind doesn’t only benefit others. In the end, it benefits yourself first and foremost.

In this guided meditation you get the chance to do a technique for opening your awareness more to possibilities that you might not have noticed in your life before. This way you create more ways to enhance your life.

Narrator: Seb
Author: Seb (Sebastiaan van der Velden)

Image by Ximonic (Simo Räsänen) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

Music: Sleep Easy Relax – Peaceful Music [CC BY-SA 3.0 (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

Master a new way of thinking

Meditation Teacher and Transformational Guide Seb - You must master a new way of thinking before you master a new way of being.
Meditation Teacher and Transformational Guide Seb – You must master a new way of thinking before you master a new way of being.

What we think about ourselves and our surroundings has a direct effect on our state of being. To change our way of being we have to master a new way of thinking first. This starts by beginning to think outside of the boundaries we’ve created for ourselves. In our course in Transformational Meditation, you’ll learn just that, including the tools you need to change your personal reality.  More info here.

Sample meditation from a Course in Transformational Meditation

This is a sample from a live recording from a guided meditation in Second Life. The meditation is one of the meditations that we’ll do at the end of the workshop in Transformational Meditation.

Meditation and Magic

‘Abracadabra’ can be linked to the Aramaic phrase ‘Avra Kehdabra’ which means:
I will create what I speak.

We couldn’t have found a more magical and interesting venue for the upcoming course in Transformational Meditation in Salt Lake City. Oh yes! The wonderful people from Crone’s Hollow are opening the doors for us to make this two-day workshop an absolute blast! Many link meditation to Asian traditions, but did you know that many in the pagan community, that Crone’s Hollow serves, use meditation as well? And that elements from transformational meditation, like visualization and setting and holding an intention are common in Witchcraft, Paganism and Magic?

Those that know me well, know I bridge the latest in modern science with ancient spiritual practices to give you a broader understanding of and use for meditation as a tool for personal transformation and manifestation. The 20th and 21st of April you can experience first hand what it is like to be in full control over yourself and your life, how you can heal yourself, manifest your dreams, grow your intuition and use intention to help yourself and others. Transformational Meditation is backed by science and many techniques we teach are used every day at schools, hospitals, prisons, police forces, by firefighters and more. They are also used by athletes, performers and many others that have to perform at their best under stressful situations.

So if you practice Paganism, Witchcraft and Magic and want to explain your practice to your friends and family who do not fully understand you yet, this workshop is something for you. And for those that are keen on learning a modern form of meditation that goes further than relaxation alone, this workshop and course are perfect for you and you might even leave the workshop with some of the products above in the picture that you can surely find at Crone’s Hollow and make your own private meditation space at home.

Much Love & Light – Kristine & Seb

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Busy with being busy…

Sometimes we are so busy in our heads with being busy that we can't get anything done.
Sometimes we are so busy in our heads with being busy that we can’t get anything done.

Do you feel that you don’t have enough time? And do you feel that you must always defend yourself when asked to do some extra tasks at work, while everything else should go as normal? It’s not always that your boss tries to push you to the limit. It may help to sit down first to review your tasks and create a priority list and time schedule. Taking a break and sitting down to get an overview prevents you from getting too busy with the idea that you are too busy. We actually risk getting nothing done when we get too busy with feeling busy.

You must train your mind…

You must train your mind to be stronger than your feelings, otherwise you will lose yourself.
You must train your mind to be stronger than your feelings, otherwise, you will lose yourself.

There are only a few meditation gatherings left for this year and I’m already looking forward to next year. The meeting with the meditation community in Stockholm gave me inspiration for some new projects that I hope will be able to engage and help those who may need a little more self-confidence and resilience in life.

Love & Light – Seb