The importance of natural living

Throughout history mankind has focused on conquering nature and the struggle for resources. Bending nature to man’s will has often been a central theme in the plight of man’s profusion.  Perhaps humans have missed a vital stage in evolution, sometimes which is simply described as a state of presence. This presence is a connection cultivated with all living things– a connection which has been lost over time between the majority of humans and the planet they call home.

earth soul

The industrial revolution was an episode in history that would prove to further dissolve mankind’s relationship to nature and the environment as he pursued scientific acumen.  It only takes one mans greed to create destructive transformations in war, economy, and systems of monetary wealth.  Upon the conclusion of WWII came the subsequent baby boom in the United States, and society’s drive toward consumerism and capital reached new and unprecedented hedonisms. This goes on to influence every modern locality of the globe and its corresponding way of life and values.  In the present day, man has perfected pillaging and plundering the earth for his own benefit through chemistry, genetic engineering, heavy machinery, technology, and the mass consumption of fossil fuels at a substantial price of eons of debt to Mother Nature. Fast and cheap has become more imperative than natural, responsible, and sustainable. Unappeasable greed fuels the downward spiral of Earth’s well-being. These economic structures and modern artificial lifestyles and products pollute and poison our everyday health and well being on an individual and grandiose scale. Our desire for greed and mass consumption is literally killing us.


Water, precious substances, agriculture, oil, gold, medicine, and traded goods have long fueled mankind’s struggle for wealth. Technology has advanced so that many artificial, technological and inorganic means are at our disposal to accomplish these tasks. However, tampering with the natural order of our world and the sacred domain in which the universe operates has revealed to have some far reaching detriments for Earth and its inhabitants. World politics often influence the development of science and technology. As technology became big business and the baby boom ensued in the post WWII era, the age of mass production thrived. This began an age of the production, distribution, and purchase of standardized brand-named goods which were aimed at the broadest possible buying public at the highest achievable profit. This standardized economic stance meant that the seed of consumerism had been planted deep into the world population’s psyche.

As chemical science expanded, it entered into the product, food, and medicine supply which was largely in part due to factors that include meeting consumer demands quickly and cheaply.  For example, the majority of the produce supply is contaminated with a powerful herbicide applied either topically or genetically altered into crop strains. The powerhouse chemical company known as Monsanto has a global presence with a strong hold on the food supply. Their origin is actually in biochemical warefare.  They use chemical and genetic engineering tactics to harvest large crop yields whose aesthetically pleasing produce can gross more money per capita versus allowing Mother Nature to expose plants to the natural elements. Misinformation has promoted the idea that world hunger cannot be solved unless we make more food, but this is not true. Unfortunately, the herbicide is a potent poison; one of which will be discussed in great detail in a later post. It is conceivable that families can be ingesting the contaminants with every meal while lacking an understanding of the long term consequences. Often, people simply just don’t know what it is exactly they are purchasing or being exposed to because parts of the globe lack active consumer protection.

flower of life

The public has adopted many products comprised of toxic ingredients and harmful practices into everyday life which is fabricated by manufacturers who neglect the overall wellbeing of its buyers and the ecosystems of the planet.  Companies instead focus on appealing and visual results only without much consideration to a chemicals long term effect on the individual and universal body systems. Agriculture and industry, as well as the methods of their production, have ubiquitously been appointed as indispensable in our economy despite their highly polluted nature. It creates an arena in which only the top echelons of society benefit greatly by turning a profit against consumers they attempt to manipulate through greed and ignorance.

However, the long term physical and genetic effects of chemical exposure throughout industry, the food supply and Big Pharma have yet to be researched proactively. The federal government grew dramatically after WWII, and a major portion of this growth came from the defense industry and the national security state that would provide the parent entities of many modern fortune 500 companies. Most government research is publicly funded through taxation.  Much of this research becomes big business or industry opportunities that are then marketed to the public for further profit to fuel the wheel of consumerism. In fact many significant innovations, for example iPhones and many other technologies came from some kind of government program. Google itself got its start from a federal grant. So it is evident that the relationship between big business and government funding are closely interrelated and these relationships affect the American public and world affair at large. Any world financial institution is under scrutiny for similar procedures.

Some chemicals consumed or ingested in small amounts may not be harmful immediately. However, chronic and prolonged exposure, even in small doses, has been linked to high blood levels of many dangerous compounds and contaminants. Some studies suggest that these toxic substances can be found in over 90% of modern society populations. Concern has started to culminate around startling figures in recent decades that highlight the explosion of certain diseases, disorders, and cancer that range from physical to psychological. Protective chemical and industry regulations in the United States in particular, as well as around the world, continue to proceed in a favorably reactive fashion rather than in a standard and compassionate precautionary manner.  This history suggests that voluntary agreements between government agencies and manufacturers are ineffective to protect consumers against environmental, household, and retail poisoning at the present time, and self-taught knowledge is of critical importance to the general public.


Misinformation has long dominated the topic of consumer safety in regards to simple everyday products.  The same items criticized for polluting the public have also solved basic difficulties cheaply to a financially crippled and growing middle class. Without the problems of disease and social structures, the government and its operating bodies like the FDA or DEA do not receive funding for their operations through taxes or fees submitted to process new products from various companies. If a cure or solution were to be procured, there would be no need to continue functioning or funding a select few to become very rich in the process.  Chemicals can trigger cancer in a variety of ways, including disrupting hormones, damaging DNA, inflaming tissues and turning genes on or off. More than 40% of Americans will battle some form of cancer in their lifetimes. In 1983 US children had 10 vaccines and the autism rate was 1 in 10,000. In 2013 US children receive 46 vaccines and the autism rate is 1 in 88. Is this just a coincidence?

global coherence

The Earth operates under the same constructs and frequencies that make up who we all are on an atomic, vibrational, and energetic level.  If you go back far enough in Earth’s history, all organisms are related. It was initially assumed that herbicide designed to affect plants exclusively turns out to inhibit the same process of cell absorption in humans and plants alike. In our courses you will learn how to better navigate a natural lifestyle that will accentuate an embodiment that will help you achieve your highest potential. Many diseases can be treated with a natural diet alone in conjunction with meditation and simple lifestyle changes that make sustainability a priority. To begin, it can be as simple as a different frame of mind.You will gain an understanding that your individual well-being reflects into all biospheres around you.  What is good for you is good for the Earth, and what is good for the Earth is the best for you.


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