About Seb

Seb (Sebastiaan) has a degree in the medical use of radiation and electromagnetic fields. He’s also certified in clinical hypnosis and a certified HeartMath facilitator. and has over 20 years of experience with various forms of meditation. He has always been fascinated with human development, cognitive neuroscience, psychology and with electromagnetic fields and the latest in quantum physics.

After an abrupt change in his life, he decided to take a closer look at his own life and his role in today’s world society. His explorations, that started 20 years ago, have led him from studying the major world religions, Gnostic teachings, and Buddhist philosophies, all the way to quantum physics and its link with traditional and modern spiritual beliefs.

Discovering the power of group meditation led him to participate in spiritual activism together with the Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation. Through the foundation’s guidance and courses, given by some of the world’s most renowned spiritual teachers and visionaries, Sebastiaan has worked his way to what is known as Avatar consciousness. A state of awareness about a greater connection with, and insight into the nature of reality.

During his presentations and courses, you’ll quickly find out that he has a unique way of bridging the latest in modern science with centuries-old spiritual practices and beliefs.

Sebastiaan is compassionately driven to let you experience for yourself what you are capable of.

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Too often people go to courses and classes finding themselves taking notes of what has been said and shown, only to lay their notebook on the cupboard when they come home. I don’t want you to sit still during our courses. I want you to do it yourself and experience first hand that you are the master of your own life’s experiense. – Seb