About Orgonite

What is orgonite?

Orgonite are handmade living, energy breathing, devices that are not only pieces of art, but also help to clean and balance your own energy field when worn as a pendant, and clean and balance the flow of energy in a room or space when put in a room.

Orgonite collection

You can see these orgonite devices as filters. Filtering the energy in a room or, when worn on the body, the energy of your own energy field or aura. Energy that goes through the orgonite gets affected by the crystals inside the orgonite and hereby we are able to give each orgone energy device it’s own character by using a combination of different crystals and precious stones. You also see metal shavings and metal spirals embedded in the orgonite. The shavings and spirals help to collect the energy and directing the energy through the device.

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