About Kristine

portraitKristine has spent her life exploring the mysteries around her as well as within herself. She is passionate about art, nature, outer space, and the questions we are asking about what it all means.  This work comes after a lifetime that has included both bouts of trauma and overwhelming joy.  Kristine truly believes that anything is possible. No matter what you have been through you are always capable of becoming more aligned with your true self and bring into reality an existence which you have always dreamed of. Recognizing the importance of taking action so that future generations can build upon what we have left behind, it’s time to connect and help reach a better future together.

New discoveries are blending science and spirituality, and it becomes more and more clear that in order to see we must believe. It is no longer a prediction based on faith. The elucidation of truth lies in a person’s ability to energetically manifest what it is they believe to desire in their heart.

Through Kristine’s experiences and compassion that we all share at the core, you will see that you are capable of more than you ever dreamed of and more. Don’t waste another second holding yourself back from your destiny!