7-Day Meditation Challenge

A new challenge starts every Monday !
Register for the challenge at the bottom of the page.

On this page you will find:
✓ Step by step guide on how to complete this 7-day challenge
✓ A video with more information on the challenge and meditation technique I will teach you.
✓ A video where we briefly practice the meditation technique.

Step 1: Introduction

Some reminders:

✓ Choose a time to practice each day
✓ Choose a place to sit every day
✓ Prepare your space so you can ‘roll’ into your meditation in the morning
✓ Share the challenge with someone you trust and will help you meditate every day.
✓ Follow us on and Facebook and let us know you are joining us. (You can also meet your other meditation buddies!)

Step 2: The meditation practice

✓ During the 7 days, you can find that you want to change the meditation to meet your needs – go for it! The key is to make this an exercise you are looking forward to! But first, we must give ourselves the chance to experience the benefits of meditation.

Step 3: Holding Yourself Accountable

 Set an alarm for the next 7-days to prompt you to do your meditation
✓ Connect with WHY you want to do this 7-day challenge – for me it’s about becoming more disciplined and raising my vibration so I can become a magnet for all I desire.
✓ Tell someone close to you about your challenge so they can support you and help you stay accountable.
✓  Hop on over to our latest Facebook post to let me and everyone else know you’re doing the challenge – you will meet others there doing it too – don’t be afraid to cheer them on!

Step 4: Register for the Challenge